Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How many more days?

This is Staci doing a little post for Candice. Let's hear it for Flint!!!! He will be home ANY day now! He has been serving our country over in Iraq and will be home with his wifey this week! Thanks for the huge sacrifice you two have made to serve our country and protect our freedom! It is SO appreciated! You two are the best!


jaesi said...

hello Candice you cute thing you!
Im so happy for you and your husband to FINALLY be together again.

And Staci....you are hilarious!

Stacy & Michael B said...

Hey Candice, you are looking as beautiful as ever!! I am soo excited that you get to see your hubby soon! I always admire wives who are so strong while their husbands are serving our country. anyway, just thought I'd say hi!

Stacy (Bice) Baxter

Melissa Gladwell said...

So excited for you! Yeah!!!!! There is nothing better than being together again after the trial of being separated and in fear constantly! I am SO glad he is safe and home with you again.
Glad that Staci set up a blog for you! Its so fun!