Sunday, November 8, 2009


Flint's first marathon and he does it in under 4 hours, with only 3 hours of sleep and with a cold! To top it all off, he was so busy with school and work, that the farthest he even ran before the marathon was 13 miles! My husband is a natural athlete! He just gets out there and starts running! I love him so much and was so proud of him! It was a really fun day too because my whole family, Flint's Mom and Dad, and the Syphus Family all went up to mile marker 6 to cheer the runners on. We set up loud speakers with funky music and danced for the runners as they went by. Then we busted out our grill, cooked us up some fattening egg mcmuffins, and kept on cheering! We had to wait for most of the runners to pass by before we could leave for the finish line! We got there just in time to see Flint come in! Go Flint!