Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm Pregnant!

I am sure most of you already know by now, but yes, I am pregnant!! We told everyone we hoped it would happen the day Flint got home and it looks like that's just what happened! We are so excited! I am about 8 weeks along and feeling pretty good. I've only thrown up once, but I feel nauseous everyday and am totally sicked out by the airfreshners, crackers, and eating in general. I have to eat all the time; every hour atleast! Sometimes I just wish I didn't have to eat anymore, but it makes it all worth it when I feel better 10 minutes later. We call our baby "our little rice ball" because it is currently the size of a grain of rice. Flint talks to the baby almost everyday and tells herm (him/her) to swing those toothpick arms a little slower so it doesn't make mommy so sick.