Sunday, September 14, 2008

Monarch of the Seas Cruise

Last week a couple of friends got together to go on a cruise! Lindsay did all of the planning and we had so much fun! Some of the highlights of the week were the midnight chocolate buffet (which made us sick the next morning), line dancing to The Boot Scootin' Boogy (I even got Flint to dance!!), playing the Love & Marriage Game (beware of your parents participating: ask Jessica for more details), all of our yummy dinners (Joe ordered 2 entrees every meal and of course gained 10 lbs!), and just lounging by the pool.

20 weeks

Well here we are at 20 weeks! Halfway done! This was the first week that people could actually tell I was pregnant (or maybe it was the first week they actually dared to say something!). There were three different people that said things like "You better feed that baby" or "C'mon Mommy.." Sometimes it would catch me off guard and I would look around and wonder who they were talking to.. It is so much fun! Flint always wants to touch my belly and he has been so sweet taking care of me. Well, last week we found out that we are having a little boy! We are so happy!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm Pregnant!

I am sure most of you already know by now, but yes, I am pregnant!! We told everyone we hoped it would happen the day Flint got home and it looks like that's just what happened! We are so excited! I am about 8 weeks along and feeling pretty good. I've only thrown up once, but I feel nauseous everyday and am totally sicked out by the airfreshners, crackers, and eating in general. I have to eat all the time; every hour atleast! Sometimes I just wish I didn't have to eat anymore, but it makes it all worth it when I feel better 10 minutes later. We call our baby "our little rice ball" because it is currently the size of a grain of rice. Flint talks to the baby almost everyday and tells herm (him/her) to swing those toothpick arms a little slower so it doesn't make mommy so sick.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Baby's Home!!

Well here we finally are! I'm sorry Staci for taking so long to post my first blog! Flint has been home for a little over three weeks and it has been the most joyous time of my life. His homecoming was so wonderful and everyday just keeps getting better and better. I am so proud of him !

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And now for the drum roll please...

This is Staci again. Just got an email from Candice saying that Flint flies into Camp Williams (Lehi) at 4:30 tomorrow!!! Yipee. I'm sure you can all imagine how excited she is. In fact, some of you know first hand! I am assuming that she won't actually begin her blogging for a couple weeks while she and Flint spend some time together. So, until then...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How many more days?

This is Staci doing a little post for Candice. Let's hear it for Flint!!!! He will be home ANY day now! He has been serving our country over in Iraq and will be home with his wifey this week! Thanks for the huge sacrifice you two have made to serve our country and protect our freedom! It is SO appreciated! You two are the best!